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Group Coaching

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Mystery Within Functional Health Coaching Group Sessions are small, focused groups which will meet on a bi-weekly basis for a total of 12 or 16 weeks. In these groups, which will focus on one particular condition (insomnia, estrogen dominance, hypertension, etc.) we will incorporate education, Q&A sessions, exploration of options to assist you in taking back control of your health, and plenty of encouragement and moral support.

While many people prefer the 1:1 coaching model, some clients find it unaffordable or want a larger network of support. Additionally, some coaches find they are unable to make the sizeable impact they wish to make on a larger group of people with just 1:1 coaching.. Group Coaching is the result of trying to solve these two dilemmas.

The group sessions are in development, so stay tuned to this space for announcements as to upcoming Group Coaching sessions!

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