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Fresh from my second birth.  Exhausted.  Exhiliarated.  In love.  Triumphant. 

A Bit About Me

My name is Celeste Youngblood, and I am the owner of Mystery Within. A Louisiana native, I am a blessed wife and mother of nine children. From my youth, I have always gravitated towards an interest in birth, health, and nutrition. In the beginning, that interest simply bore fruit in my lifestyle, in the births that I had, and in the health and nutritional choices I made for myself and my family. After a series of births which were not easy, but from which I walked away feeling proud and accomplished, I knew I wanted to help other women have what they would consider to be "good births" as well. 


In 2006 I began to take my interest in birth in a more professional direction, becoming certified as a birth doula, first through DONA, and later through Childbirth International. I certified as a childbirth educator through CBI in 2009. Having deeply experienced the benefits of support, self-advocacy, and education in my own pregnancies and births, helping other to women experience the same has been my passion as a birth worker.  My work as a birth doula and childbirth educator is and has been one of the most deeply fulfilling blessings of my life. 

After a series of mysterious health challenges, which I experienced in multiple episodes from 2010-2020, I came to experience the great benefits of functional medicine. This particular approach to health and nutrition was and still is very much a lifesaver for me.  It has helped me uncover what my own health issues are, layer by layer, getting down to the root cause, and reversing the upstream dysfunction that caused my downstream dis-ease. It also opened my eyes to the insane levels of chronic disease afflicting those around me. A great desire was born within me to help others use every tool at their disposal--as I had to do myself--to escape the quagmire of their compounded, yet often related, health conditions. 


Once again, I chose to take my interest for something which greatly improved my own well-being-this time functional medicine- to another level so I could use it to help improve the health and wellbeing of those in my local and virtual communities. I am now currently certified as a health coach and nutrition coach through the International Sports Sciences Association. My certification in these modalities has also enabled me to enroll in the School of Applied Functional Medicine. As a student at SAFM, I am working hard towards the coveted Applied Functional Medicine Coaching (AFMC) credential.


Becoming a functional health and nutrition coach now enables me to work with those who are ready to get to the root of their own multi-layered health challenges.  It gives me the opportunity to encourage, educate, and facilitate others as they take their health decisions into their own hands. It enables me to educate those who are suffering about the connectedness of all the dis-ease we experience in our bodies.  It enables me to inspire them with hope that there are answers as well as confidence in their ability to make the necessary positive changes in their lives that will help them find health again. As a functional medicine health and nutrition coach, I am ready to confidently put my knowledge and capabilities to work to help others uncover the "mystery" that lies within themselves. 

I know that my knowledge and professional capabilities will continue to grow by leaps and bounds throughout the next 2.5 - 3 years of schooling.  The beauty of the program, however, is that it is designed in such a way that I am applying what I am learning in functional medicine with my clients as soon as I learn it. 

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to serve the clients I work with. I never take lightly the invitation by anybody to be a part of their birth team, or their health and nutrition coach.  I am excited to share my gifts and passion for coaching, whether in birth or in health, and would be honored if you thought I might have something to contribute towards your journey. Honestly, I consider it all "birth work"; only that some of you are birthing babies, and others of you are birthing  healthier new Yous! 

Think We Might Be a Good Fit?

If you think I might be a valuable addition to your birth team, drop me a line on the contact form below or via phone/text and we can set up an introductory meeting, either in person or virtual. Thank you for visiting, and may God's blessings be with you! 

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