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Placenta Encapsulation

I have been encapsulating placentas since 2007, when, in an attempt to ward off postpartum depression, I encapsulated my own after my sixth baby was born. Pleased with the results, I included this service with my offerings and was among the first to offer encapsulation in Northern Virginia and even helped educate the midwives there on the benefits of this practice. Now I am thrilled to be able to offer placenta encapsulation to women in North Alabama!

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation
An organ completely grown by your baby in the womb, the placenta is full of benefits for women in the postpartum period and beyond. Its special blend of hormones, chemicals, proteins and minerals, specific to your pregnancy has the following benefits:


  • helps support your mood during the immediate postpartum hormone shift

  • supports your milk supply

  • reduces postpartum bleeding

  • helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size more easily

  • supports your thyroid

  • reduces inflammation and swelling

  • supports healthy iron levels​

  • boosts energy

  • supports the immune system

    An Explanation of My Services

    I prefer to be contacted before your baby's birth so I can schedule you on my calendar and make sure that I am available to serve you when the time comes. That being said, I have accepted many placentas with no prior notice, many times because the moms were so engrossed in preparing for their births that they had not spent any time considering what to do with their placentas, and that's ok!

  •  I request that you give me a heads up when you are in labor so I know that I will be on-call to retrieve your placenta soon. If you are birthing in a hospital, bring a small cooler to keep your placenta cold, and if you are birthing at home, ask the midwife to double bag it in gallon ziploc bags and place it in your refrigerator. I will retrieve the placenta at the soonest possible opportunity depending on the timing of your birth. If you live or birth further than a thirty mile radius of me, then I would ask that someone meet me at an agreed upon location to give me the placenta. 

  • Upon receipt of the placenta, I will process it promptly according to your wishes and the encapsulation should be complete in about 48 hours. Your capsules will either be hand-delivered to your home or mailed to you via Priority Mail. 

  • I can process the placenta using the Traditional Chinese Medicine method or the Raw Encapsulation method. TCM placenta preparation yields fewer caps, dehydrates a little more quickly, and has a more gentle effect. Raw placenta preparation yields more caps, dehydrates a little more slowly, and has a more potent effect. If you know you are sensitive to hormones, then the TCM method is probably the most appropriate process to use.  Tinctures and placenta salve can be added for an additional fee.


If you have any further questions or would like to make arrangements for me to encapsulate your placenta, contact me either via email at or by text/phone call at 540-533-8692.


Your Investment:

"Basic Birth Doula Package" Client: $250   All Others: $300

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