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Women's Health Circle

Women's Health Circle is currently in development...

Think "Birth Circle" but with a women's health focus. That is going to be what the Mystery Within Women's Health Circle will encompass.  It is a fact that women suffer from particular chronic conditions in a disproportionate amount to men. This is largely due to the differences in our hormonal make-up. While some of what we cover could be pertinent to men or women, we will also be covering specific issues which only pertain to women's health.

There will be an educational component to our gatherings, and then a time for sharing, support, and perhaps even a bit of brainstorming!  The timing and frequency of the meetings are yet to be determined. 

Serving women has been a calling on my heart for nearly two decades now, and the Women's Health Circle will be simply a new way I can answer that calling for a wider number of women. 

While I had hoped to launch this group in the Spring of 2024, I had not anticipated starting my functional medicine education six months early! So this group, while still very much in my plans, has taken a back seat right now to the beginning of my functional medicine schooling.

Stay tuned for more developments on this in the future!

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