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My Philosophy and Qualifications


Every mother deserves to approach

her birth with confidence in the fact that

her body is designed to birth her baby, and she deserves to come

away from her birth feeling that it went as well as it possibly could have.  


It is well-known that mothers remember their births, often in great detail, for the rest of their lives; it is also known that the feelings a woman walks away with from her birth can greatly affect her postpartum and mothering. To that end, it is my mission to do all within the scope of my work to support birthing mothers and their partners in every way I can: physically, emotionally, informationally, and spiritually.  In this way I can help you make your birth an unforgettable birth in the very best way possible!

  •  I believe every birth is a sacred event. 

  • I believe in the inherent God-given dignity of each member of the client's family, born and unborn and that it is my duty to work to protect the dignity of your family and your birth.

  • I believe that we can make our birth plans, but that God also has a plan for our births and desires to play a role in the bringing forth of the children He has blessed us with.

  • I believe it is possible to us to advocate for our wishes and rights in childbirth and work with our bodies as they were designed to give birth, yet at the same time experience our births as an opportunities to surrender to God's will in their overall trajectory and in those circumstances which are simply beyond our control.





In every birth

 a mother mirrors Christ's Paschal Mystery

as she bears witness with her body

to Jesus' words,

"This is my body, given for you." 


  • Mother of many since 1997

  • DONA trained Birth Doula since 2006; recertified through Childbirth International since 2023

  • Placenta Encapsulator since 2007

  • Certified Childbirth Educator through Childbirth International since 2009

  • Current certification in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training

  • Certified Health Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach through ISSA since 2024

  • AFMC Certified Candidate through SAFM since 2024

  • Certified Knitting Instructor and Certifying Crochet Instructor through Craft Yarn Council since 2020

Let’s Work Together

If you think I might be a valuable addition to your birth team, drop me a line via email, phone/text, or on the contact form below and we can set up an introductory meeting, either in person or virtual. Thank you for visiting, and may God's blessings be with you! 

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